The Witcher 3: Chances Are You’re Playing It Wrong

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If you are a fan of RPGs then you will already know that one of the best is The Witcher 3. While the game is getting on now there are still many people who continue to play and many have said they are struggling to finish it. If you are one of these people then the chances are that you are playing the game wrong.

Many people try way too hard to rush the main plot in The Witcher 3. The storyline is so exciting that you could be tempted to finish the plot as soon as you can. However by doing so you are going to make the game a lot harder to play and you are missing out on the fun that the game offers.

The trick of The Witcher 3 is to give in to the fantasy world and not think about the progress of the game. Stick to looking for quests and then take your own sweet time when doing them. If you can try to do the difficult hunts and develop new armour.

Stick to this and you will level up quicker and you will benefit from having a character that is stronger. This way you will get to feel the power balance when you attempt the main quest and the balance is so much nicer.