The Walking Dead: Overkill Might Not Make It For 2017

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We haven’t been given much by way of information about The Walking Dead game from Overkill so it is difficult to think that perhaps we might get to actually play the game this year.

The Walking Dead Game was supposed to be launched last year but the developer came out and said that it had been delayed. They didn’t give us a new time frame for its release but everyone expected that we would see it arrive this year.

The only thing that we do know for sure about The Walking Dead game is that it will be a co-op game and gamers are going to be able to look forward to a role-playing game that offers up action, stealth and survival.

Right now we really don’t know what to expect by way of The Walking Dead and we don’t have any idea as to when the game is going to make its way out. We will be getting more information soon we hope, possibly at one of the technology events or shows.

Are you waiting for the arrival of The Walking Dead?

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