The Toyota Prius May Not Be Around For Too Much Longer

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The Toyota Prius may not be around for much longer as more and more vehicles are coming out that offer up a range of 300 miles or more. This may mean that we could be about to say goodbye to the Prius as Toyota are coming up with an electric vehicle that is able to compete.

Toyota put together an in-house company so that staff can work on the electric vehicle. Toyota has mainly concentrated on fuel cell technology but they also want to bring out an electric vehicle by 2020.

The in-house company has staff that has been taken from four of the Toyota companies and they are focusing on the developing and research of electric vehicles to come up with a vehicle that can offer up a decent range of around 300 miles. When this happens the Toyota Prius may become ancient and the company may do away with it.

The electric vehicle is going to be launched in Japan during 2020, while Toyota will also keep up with development of fuel cell vehicles. They will not give up as the Mirai is classed as being the ultimate among eco-cars.

But would you like the company to keep the Toyota Prius around even when they come up with a vehicle that offers up a range of 300 miles?

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