The Samsung Galaxy S7 Is Great Until The Device Is Turned On

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a device that is great, until the handset is turned on.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has TouchWiz and this may be a big leap ahead but at the same time it takes two steps backwards too. What the new design shows is that Samsung are experimenting with Android that is stock like for new versions of their UI.

When people turn on their Samsung Galaxy S7 they see a UI that has changed and many say that it isn’t a good change. Some people don’t like the colors and they want to be able to change per app colors. Another thing they don’t like is the notifications of TouchWiz.

One owner wanted to know how one apk is able to make such a big difference. Some owners said that if you uninstall and then reinstall the apk the issue is fixed, while others suggested disabling the power mode if you are having issues with the UI.

Have you got the Samsung Galaxy S7 and what do you think about the TouchWiz interface?