The Resurrection Of The 2016 Ford Bronco

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…and we still have yet to know about the confirmed dates.

Though we might not have any official word from Ford yet, the likelihood of it rolling out this year is pretty high. And if that’s the case, if Bronco were to be “resurrected” this year, it would actually mark exactly two decades from when the old Bronco was halted from production.

Since the 2016 Detroit Auto Show kickstarted last week, there have been reports claiming that the Bronco will make a grand appearance at the show, but again, to no avail. The last official word from Ford was all the way back in 2004’s Detroit Auto Show, and unsurprisingly, the old Bronco was glorious as it was, and we’ll only think it would maintain the same if it were to be “resurrected” this year. Possibly with new modern finishings, but it’ll still look as glorious as ever.

Let’s just be hopeful that the Ford Bronco will appear at any of the upcoming auto shows this year.

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