The Outer Worlds Will Get Day One Patch

Obsidian will be releasing their game, The Outer Worlds next week and here is what we can expect to find when the game finally arrives.

It was announced that there will be a day-one patch for the retail copy of the game. The patch will be 38GB in size on the Xbox One and 18GB on the PS4. Those that purchase the digital version will already have the patch pre-load into the game.

As for when the game will be released in each territory, Obsidian has now revealed the full schedule. PC players will get it on the 24th of October 1600 PDT while those looking to play on the console, they would have to wait a few hours as it will only unlock on the 24th of October 2100 PDT.

The Outer Worlds will run at 4K on both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X but those playing on the Xbox will have a slight advantage as it will be included with the Game Pass subscription.