The Outer Worlds For Nintendo Switch Gets Smaller Release Date Window

We know that The Outer Worlds will eventually be released on the Nintendo Switch console but what we want to know right now is when it will be arriving. While the developer does not have an actual date for us yet, they did narrow down the window for the fans.

According to Take-Two, the game will be available on the Switch in 2020 during their fiscal year 2020 which means we will be seeing the game around January to March of 2020 and that is only a few months away. Even if they stretch it to the end and only release the game in March, the wait is still not too long and unbearable.

As for the current game that has already been released, the developer will be releasing a new patch to fix some of the bugs and also make some necessary changes to the game. The patch is said to come next week.

The Outer Worlds is already out on Xbox One, PC and PS4.