The Open Beta Ford Doom Brings a Feeling of Doom

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Fans of Doom have been waiting for the 15th April to arrive as this is when the Doom open beta kicks off. But it may not be all fun as there could be some doom and gloom heading their way.

Bethesda said that players will be able to play the beta of Doom from 15th to 17th April and to do this they don’t need a code.

However the beta of Doom is going to be limited and this means that only two maps can be played, which are Inferno and Heatwave. The only gaming modes that are playable are Team Death-Match and Warpath.

Fans of Doom are going to have to wait to get hold of the Snap feature as this is only coming with the full version. Gamers will be able to made modes and share them with the community. The final version is coming with six multiplayer modes and it has been said that it is going to cover just about every gameplay type.

Id Software said that they will release content for Doom, this is going to include props, features, editing tools along with Ai enhancements.

The DLC packs for Doom are going to be made available through a season pass or you can get the DLCs for $14.99. The season pass is $39.99.

Doom is coming out on 13 May and it will be made available for the PC, Xbox One and the PS4.