The Nokia C9 Design Beats Moto X At Its Own Game

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If the Nokia C9 arrived on the market it would have everyone drooling and it would beat Moto X at its own game. The phone in question is only a concept version and it is the artist’s vision of what the C9 might actually look like.

If the Nokia C9 did arrive it would perhaps be considered to be the most beautiful device on the market and it would pack in a premium punch. The artist rendered the device in leather material on the back and it comes with a metal frame. The camera sensor is in the middle of the device at the top and it comes with stitching that is distinctive and which makes the handset design stand out.

Of course this isn’t a design that is new as we have seen something similar before only not as good. The front of the Nokia C9 has the fingerprint sensor and the side features a dedicated camera shutter button. When it comes to the hardware the concept has the device as having the Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB RAM and the 22.3MP Carl Zeiss camera.

The concept is superb and it would be great if the Nokia C9 actually came to the market. However some people have pointed out that the handset does have the look of the Moto X generation 2, whether that is a good or bad thing we aren’t sure. The stitching on the back of the handset also reminds you of something that Samsung tried to do with the Note series and then gave up.

But what are your thoughts on the design of the handset?

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