The New Chrysler 880 Could Kill Off BMW M5 and Giulia

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The Alfa Giulia is going to be taking on the BMW M5 and the Tesla Model S as it offers great performance and looks. When it makes its way onto the market it may end up killing off the NMW M5. But the vehicle we are talking about here is the Chrysler 880.

If you check out the website of Chrysler you are going to find that they have revealed the Chrysler 300 and 200 and also the Town and Country Minivan. If you take a closer look though you are also going to find that they have revealed the Chrysler 800 too.

The Chrysler 800 is going to be a sedan and it will have a bigger engine than what has been seen in the Chrysler 300.

The BMW M5 and the Alfa Romeo are sedans too and they are what families like and if you choose the correct engine then the ride it gives will be an exhilarating one. When it arrives on the market the Chrysler 880 may become a monster sedan.

The Chrysler 880 could come with the same engine that we have already seen in the Dodge Viper, however we haven’t seen any confirmation about this. But do think that it may have a different one and if so which?