The Microsoft Lumia 950 Might Not Be The Likeable Device You Thought

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Microsoft has had trouble trying to get people to make the move away from Android and Apple devices and they come up with the Microsoft Lumia 950. But has the device been enough to make people turn away from the iOS and Android handsets.

The display of the Microsoft Lumia 950 is 5.2 inches and the resolution on it is 1440 x 2560. The device has 32GB of internal storage and the processor is the Snapdragon 808. The amount of storage may be boosted up thanks to SD card and the handset offers 3GB of RAM.

There is a great deal to like about the Microsoft Lumia 950 but then some things about the handset are not so good. This is after all a device that runs on Windows 10 and this means that it doesn’t offer the same apps as found on iOS and Android devices.

But more importantly is whether you would update to the Microsoft Lumia 950 instead of one of the iOS or Android handsets?