The Little Marshmallow Steps To Sweeten Your Google Nexus 4

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Imagine you’re being constantly given a chance to do something but then you’re suddenly pulled back from it, and the process happens repetitively. That’s what has happened to the Google Nexus 4 for the past few months; developers have been thinking on whether to have those devices updated to the Android Marshmallow, or not. And they finally did go with the former.

For the unfamiliar, these steps we’re about to show below has been circling around the net for some time now, but do try them out if you’d like your Nexus 4 to be updated to current times. There are two variations of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow ROM; one from Aldrin Holmes and another from Dmitry Grinberg.

Steps on updating your Google Nexus 4 to the Android 6.0 Marshmallow:

1. Start by transferring the TWRP file to the device and update/install it.

2. Turn off the device and switch it on to Recovery Mode (Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button).

3. Wait for the TWP UI to load up, then choose Wipe > Factory Reset.

4. Next, transfer one of the ROM-GApps into the device and reboot to enter Recovery Mode again.

5. If you’ve followed all the steps above, you should be proudly holding your Nexus 4 updated to the latest Android Marshmallow.

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