The Last Of Us Part 2: One Improvement Not Noticeable But Crucial

It has been clear that Naughty Dog will be giving it their all in the upcoming new The Last of Us Part 2 game and while some of the update that the game will be getting are pretty obvious to spot, there are others that fans might not even notice but is important to the game.

According to the developer, the new game will come with a new traversal animation system. They explain that the technology is used to improve the movement of the characters. In the previous game, the system will break down the movement like “play run animation” “play turn left animation” and so on but the new system will make the movement feel more seamless.

The end result is gameplay that will feel more natural and players should also feel how fluid the movement of the characters are. You did get to see a little of it in the latest trailer during the State of Play event.

What do you think of everything we have seen from The Last Of Us Part 2 so far?