The Last Of Us Part 2 Finally Gets New Release Date

One of the biggest disappointment this month was the announcement that The Last Of Us Part 2 will be delayed. At that time, the developer did not have a new date to offer but now they do.

Naughty Dog announced that the new game will be arriving on the 19th of June which is less than two months away so the wait will finally be over for the fans. Some fans would have noticed that some story spoilers and clips from the game seem to have made its way online last week and Naughty Dog has expressed their disappointment over the leak.

You might still be able to see some of them now but if you really want to enjoy the game when it does arrive, it would be best to avoid these spoilers.

As for other PS4 exclusive games like Ghost of Tsushima, it was announced this week that the game will now be arriving on the 17th of July instead of June.