The Last Of Us: Bigger Treat For PS4 Owners

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Fans of The Last Of Us are in for a treat if they own the PS4 as the much loved game is heading to the PS4 Pro by way of a new update that is going to breathe fresh life into the game.

Patch 1.7 has been made available for everyone and with it comes support for the PS4 Pro. The update adds in HDR support, however you don’t need the Pro to get HD.

One gamer took some screenshots of The Last Of Us once he had downloaded and applied the update. While the photos shown are off the screen you can see what a difference the HDR does actually make to the game. In the shot after the patch was applied you can clearly see the clouds in the background are more pronounced than before the patch. While it is foggy you can still make out the bright and darker areas of the clouds.

In a second shot of The Last Of Us with the HDR on with the patch installed the lighting looks more like real life, more so when it comes to the colors and shadows. When the HDR is off they have more of a video game look about them.

The PS4 Pro 4 is coming out 10 November, however if you apply the patch today on the PS4 and play the game on an HDR TV you will be able to see the improvements of The Last Of Us right now.

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