The Last Of Us 2 Full ESRB Confirms Gruesome Violence

The official The Last of Us Part II ESRB os out now giving us a little insight as to what the game will be offering when it finally arrives.

As expected, the game will receive an M-for-mature rating with some description of some of the mature-themed content we should be seeing in the game. Of course, since it does describe a little of the game, this can be considered as spoiler so if you do not want that, stop reading now.

In the description, it was described that players will kill “infected mutants”. There will also be a scene where human is hung from a noose and then disemboweled. The description also said that two characters in the game will smoke weed and that there are some sex sequences.

The Last of Us Part II will be arriving on the 19th of June for PS4 and will also be released on PS5 later this year.