The Last Of Us 2: Flattened Out Tattoo Of Ellie

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Fans of The Last Of Us got very excited recently when Naughty Dog revealed that there was going to be a part two to the game and they also revealed a trailer for The Last Of Us 2.

The trailer showed Ellie, all grown up as she is now 19 years old, and one of the biggest changes was that she had gone out and got herself a tattoo. However in the trailer gamers only got to see a part of the tattoo. Now the developers have opened up about it by flattening out the tattoo and giving us a good look at just what it is.

It seems that the tattoo is a moth and it is settled among two different types of greenery. At the moment it isn’t clear whether or not the tattoo does have a meaning, but we like it anyway.

The Last Of Us 2 is going to have a focus on hate and at the moment it is only in the very early stages of its development. Gamers are going to have to be very patient in waiting for its arrival but at least we know that it is being developed.

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