The Galaxy S8 Isn’t Samsung’s Only Priority For MWC 2017

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It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S8 isn’t the only priority for Samsung at the upcoming MWC 2017. Samsung has been considering foldable devices for almost a decade and they showed off their first flexible display more than eight years back. Now it seems that they could be turning their concept into reality as rumours about the Galaxy X have been emerging and it could be heading to the MWC 2017.

It would be a great way of making people forget all about the Galaxy Note 7 disaster. ETNews said that Samsung might show off a prototype folding handset at the MWC to gauge the public’s response. It is thought that they may show off a display that folds inwards and outwards. Samsung haven’t confirmed this but a foldable display would certainly make people forget all about the disaster with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The Samsung Galaxy X is going to be foldable but not in the way of the old flip phones. We have also heard rumours about a different foldable device from Samsung that would a hinge similar to a laptop that would have two AMOLED displays one on top of the other.

Rumour has it that the Samsung Galaxy X will have a 4K resolution and it may be an edge to edge handset with the display extending over the edges, but at the moment not much else is known about the upcoming handset.

One thing that Samsung will need to work on is ensuring that the display will be able to withstand being bent and folded over time. The last thing that the phone maker needs is to launch a phone with a display that is foldable, only for it to not last five minutes.

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