The Ford F-150 Hybrid Is For All The Haters Out There

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While we haven’t been given any formation info about the Ford F-150 Hybrid we believe that the vehicle is going to come with a small diesel engine and it will have the gas electric hybrid drive.

It was reported that spies saw the Ford F-150 hybrid in testing on the roads and despite the fact that the vehicle was kept under wrappings you could make out the front fenders. This tells us that the vehicle is a new hybrid.

If you take a good look at the fender you can clearly see that there is a break in the pattern of the camouflage and this tells us that this is where the vehicle is going to be plugged in.

The video gives us an indication of what the engine sounds like as you can hear it when the light goes to green and the Ford F-150 hybrid drives away. Bear in mind also that he regular Ford F-150 offers up stop and start technology, but in this case it doesn’t give much away.

However the person in the video did say that when the Ford F-150 hybrid hit the 25 mile mark the electric drive took over from the gas engine.

So does this mean that we have seen the Ford F-150 hybrid being tested for the first time? Check out the video and let us know what you think?

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