The Division: Single-Player Mode Not Ruled Out

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Looks like there’s a chance that Tom Clancy’s The Division may actually include a single-player mode; granting many players’ wish. Ubisoft has always maintained that the game could be playable as a single-player experience, but then again they’ve only shown off footage with up to three other player-controlled Division agents surrounding player one.

It’s still not recommended though, or so it seems when NowGamer’s creative director gave away by saying it’s possible, but not really recommended. The tone of his statement shows caution; emphasizing it’s actually more fun to play in co-op, as “gamers who regularly play online and co-op games will know”. How disheartened do you feel now by what he had said?

The Division can get really lonely at some point, whether you’re playing co-op or solo. But then again, it’s meant to be that way since you will have to make the assumption that you’re handling an impossible task. And more importantly, you are essentially the only military presence in the area so more of than not, you could feel that the silence and loneliness can be very overwhelming.

Bottom line is, you’ll still be able to play The Division as a single-player game if you want to. But do drag some buddies in from time to time to beat the loneliness.

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