The Division: Do Not Panic

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If you can’t get into The Division on the 15th of March, do not panic because they are just doing some maintenance.

Ubisoft announces that the game The Division will be down for 3 hours on the 15th of March. The servers will be shut down at 1 AM PST and will last until 4 AM PST if everything goes according to plan.

While they did announce the downtime, they did not explain why the maintenance was needed. The last time the servers went down for the game, the game came back with a few changes which are why some fans believe that we will be seeing something new after the game comes back up again.

Of course, it could be just another standard maintenance to make sure everything is in order. The Division has been getting some pretty positive feedbacks so far, and it looks like it will not be getting the same fate as Destiny.

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