The Culling 2 Should Have Listen To The Fans

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While The Culling did pretty well, the same cannot be said about The Culling 2 which was recently launched. Coming in as another battle royale game, it was important that the game showed that it was different but it ended up being a huge disappointment.

In fact, the launch of the game was so bad that the developer had to pull the game from the store and issue refunds to all those that had purchased it. According to Josh Van Veld, the Director of operations for Xaviant, the sequel is just not up to standard and it is not The Culling 2 that the fans deserve or want.

They will be working to bring back the original game and start from the beginning. He admitted that the studio changed too much too fast and it has now become a game that nobody really wants.

Fans were unhappy that the developer decided to move on to The Culling 2 so soon after the first game was released and it looks like they finally got the message now and will be slowing things down. Hopefully, they also listen more to what the fans want and make changes based on that.

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