The Chrysler 880: Could it Kill Off The BMW M5 and Giulia?

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The Alfa Giulia will be taking on the BMW M5 and the Tesla Model S and it may have what it needed to kill off the M5 and the Chrysler 880.

If you check the Chrysler site you can find the Chrysler 300 and the 200 along with the Town and Country minivan. Have a second look and you will see that there is also the Chrysler 880.

The Chrysler 880 is going to be a sedan offering an engine that is bigger than the Chrysler 300.

The BMW M5 and the Alfa Romeo are two great sedans that are for families. If you choose the right engine though you do get a thrilling ride and when it arrives the Chrysler 880 is going to be a large sedan.

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