The Chevrolet Corvette Shows The Tesla Model S Who The Boss Really Is

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Have you wondered whether or not the Chevrolet Corvette can travel faster than the Tesla Model S? If so then you don’t have to wait any longer as the Model S really gets shown just who the boss is.

The Chevrolet Corvette isn’t any typical vette as you might imagine. It comes from Genovation GXE and it is electric and it is now known as being the fastest street legal all electric vehicle.

The Chevrolet Corvette from Genovation GXE goes from standing still to 62mph in only 2.6 seconds and it reaches a top speed of 220mph. This is a vehicle that has been record breaking from day one and bear in mind that this is just a prototype right now.

The EV managed to set the speed record at 177mph and you can check it out below.