The Cheapest Mercedes That’s Available

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Mercedes Benz is a name that stands out when you think about luxury vehicles. The C-Class, G-Class and SLS class are all the epitome of the brand name and are among some of the most luxurious vehicles on the road.

However what about the rest of the everyday hardworking people who cannot afford to drive around in a Mercedes Benz? Well for those who have middle to low incomes you could save up many years and get hold of a second hand vehicle.

Now there is another alternative as Mercedes have just revealed a brand new vehicle that is one of the most affordable from the car maker. Of course this isn’t a C-Class of G-Class, it’s the Sprinter Worker van.

The Sprinter Worker van offers up a 2 litre turbocharged 4 engine offering 208 horses and 258 torque and it comes with a price tag of $25, 995. So if you wanted to drive around in a vehicle with the brand name now is your chance.

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