The Buick Avista Might Be Forced To Production By GM

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We have seen the concept of the Buick Avista and the concept did take people by surprise when it was unveiled and the designers of the Chevrolet Camaro were is total disbelief about how beautiful it actually looks.

Fans are hoping that the concept of the Avista is going to become a production, despite the fact that the odds are against it. However there is hope that the dream is going to be become a reality following new rumors coming our way that suggest that GM could be considering making the vehicle.

It has been said that there is plenty of space for the Avista and that it wouldn’t have any effect on the Chevrolet Camaro or the Cadillac. It would however have to offer up an interior that was luxurious and it should have a powertrain that is unique. If it did have this then the Avista would be able to compete against the Lexus LC.

At the moment these are just rumors of course, so you are going to have to take them with a pinch of salt.

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