The 8th-Gen iPhone Might Look Like A Mini Aquarium?

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Could it look something like that?

We don’t exactly know how this would turn out, but one thing’s for sure, if Apple is to proceed with the wraparound display on its iPhone 8, it could be the first smartphone in the world to boast this technology. And since the iPhone 7 has been getting a lot of buzz lately (even with a protest), do you think the iPhone 8’s display could pull Apple fans back in again?


Apple’s latest patent titled, “Electronic Device with Wrapped Display”, reveals a device with a display that literally covers most of its exterior, as the name suggests. This would potentially lead to the end of the side bezels of the device, and not to mention, it’s going to be much more fragile. Could you imagine holding the phone with your bare hands and afraid of even applying too much pressure on the screen in fear it might break?

The company is expected to use a flexible OLED display panel or could be some sort of flexible screen technology. So the next step would obviously be to protect the display from damage by using hard materials like glass or sapphire. Guess that wouldn’t be too fragile now, wouldn’t it?

But still, we think it’s a pretty cool concept and we’re very sure that this could garner fans back again. As long as it doesn’t undergo the slimming regimen as that of the iPhone 7, then that’s fine, isn’t it?

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