The 2018 Volkswagen Teramont Is Heading To The Midsize Crossover Category

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We have seen a spy shot of the 2018 Volkswagen Teramont that is making its way out into the midsize crossover category and the vehicle is said to be in competition with the Ford Edge and the Jeep Grand Cherokee when it arrives.

The spy photo captured the Volkswagen Teramont without coverings and so you could see that the vehicle is going to look a lot like the Jeep Grand Cherokee crosses with the Land Rover Range Rover. We did see a concept of the vehicle some time ago and the crossover doesn’t look anything like it.

The Volkswagen Teramont does come with great looks but the design is bland and it lacks excitement, so it does stray a long way from the concept.

The Teramont is going up against a lot of competition in the midsize crossover category but whether it will impress remains to be seen. It is going to offer up the 2 litre 4 cylinder turbocharged engine.