The 2016 Ford Mustang vs Dodge Challenger Hellcat: Which Vehicle Wins?

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The 2016 Ford Mustang GT is going up against the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, but which of the two vehicles is going to come out ahead?

There has been a great deal of talk about the Lebanon Ford Mustang GT and it will offer up 727 horses and it is available for $40,000. It does have a lower price tag than the Dodge Challenger Hellcat but whether this is going to be enough remains to be seen.

The Ford Mustang GT is available for order from Lebanon and it comes with the 2 Roush supercharger and this gives up 727 horses from the V8 5 litre engine. You can get the 6 speed manual gearing and this is 3.31 rear gears. It comes with 18 inch aluminum wheels and P235/50R18 3 season tires. There are 13 inch brakes on the back of the vehicle and 14 inch brakes on the front.

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat has an entry level price of $65,000 and the price tag of the Ford Mustang GT is $39, 995. This means that the GT is ahead for price.

The Ford Mustang has a weight of 3, 704lbs but with the Roush supercharger on it adds another 200 pounds. The Dodge Challenger Hellcat has a curb weight of 4, 439lbs, so the mustang is the winner.

There are 6 speed manual gears on the Ford Mustang in the V8 5 litre engine. The Dodge Challenger Hellcat comes with 6 speed manual gears and these were seen on the Dodge Viper.

The Ford Mustang Lebanon GT does compete well against the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and the price tag does make it attractive. But which would you rather have?