Tesla Pickup To Follow After Model Y Crossover

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We are still waiting for Tesla to bring in the Tesla Model Y but now Tesla has given the fans something else to look forward to. Elon Musk announces that Tesla already has a vehicle planned after the Tesla Model Y and this time, it is going to be an all-electric pickup truck.

While we still have no idea what the new truck would look like, some people believe that it was actually the pickup truck that Tesla had in their Tesla Semi sketch. As exciting as that sounded like, others believe that it is not and that the actual pickup will actually be much smaller.

Some reports claim that the truck would most likely be similar in size to the F-150. There is not a lot of information about the truck right now but Elon Musk did reveal on Twitter that he has been thinking the design and other elements for 5 years now and that he can’t wait to build it.

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