Tesla Owners Put Up Protest Against Hate Of AutoPilot

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Tesla have been surrounded with crashes due to the AutoPilot in the vehicles and in one case an owner of the Model S died when the vehicle ran into a trailer truck. But some owners are now protesting against the hate that is aimed at AutoPilot.

Of course the accidents have had people questioning the Tesla vehicles safety and asking for action to be taken and rightly so. Still there are owners who support Tesla and who don’t like the hate.

We have now seen an increase in the amount of videos that have been uploaded by owners of Tesla vehicles, who have made use of the AutoPilot irresponsibly. Some played a game of cards, others read books and some even napped while the car drove itself. Perhaps this could be a protest on Social Media from the community of Tesla lovers to try to silence haters or perhaps it could be the other way around and they want to provoke the haters into hating even more. Check out the video below.

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