Tesla New Compact EV Nearer Than We Think

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With all the things that Tesla has on their plate right now, it feels like the Tesla Compact EV is not going to happen anytime soon but according to Elon Musk, the next compact car is only five years away.

Tesla has been struggling to deliver their Model 3 on time and with the Model Y crossover, Semi, and the Tesla Roadster all coming within the next few years, we are surprised that Tesla would even attempt to add another model to their line up so soon.

Elon Musk revealed that they have a compact car that will arrive in less than five years but did not reveal any more information about the compact model. The vehicle will most likely be coming in to sit below the Tesla Model 3 but we can’t say for certain. With 5 years to work on it, the compact could arrive with better range and performance compared to the current models.

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