Tesla Motors Go Green With Pickup Truck Visualized

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Due to the fact that Tesla Motors comes from the US it is a safe bet that we will see them offer up a pickup truck at some point in the future. It’s also safe to say that should be a green pickup running on EV power, the safe as other vehicles from the Tesla range. As this is Tesla we are talking about it may also be a safe bet that the vehicle will be unique.

While Tesla hasn’t said anything about a pickup we now get to see a visualization of what the truck might look like from TopSpeed. While this isn’t the first concept that we have seen, this is the first that looks the most realistic.

The Tesla pickup truck in the picture matches the design of other vehicles from Tesla and if Tesla are going to launch a pickup then it would resemble the concept from TopSpeed.

We believe that Tesla will start with the pickup truck project when they have launched the Tesla Model 3. We expect that when they do it is going to be a midsized truck running on an EV powertrain.

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