Tesla Model Y: Pushing The Boundaries With Less

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Now that Tesla has started delivery their Tesla Model 3, the next model that we will be seeing from them will be the Tesla Model Y. Since the Model Y is the latest EV that Tesla will have to offer, we are expecting it to come with even more new tech and features which generally means more wiring but according to Elon Musk, the Model Y will be using less.

According to the CEO of Tesla, the new Tesla Model Y will come in with only 328 feet of wiring when they build it. That is pretty impressive as the latest Model 3 needed about 5000 feet of wiring.

He added that they were able to shorten the wiring because of the new electrical system. The Tesla Model Y will be coming in as a small crossover model with an affordable price tag. Affordable for a Tesla that is.

The Tesla Model Y should be arriving in 2019 or 2020.