Tesla Model X Baby Brother Takes First Step Into The Light

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We know that Tesla has been working on a smaller SUV called the Tesla Model Y and now we are finally going to see what the vehicle will look like, well, at least part of it.

Elon Musk reveals the first image of the Tesla Model Y at their Annual Shareholder Meeting and while the image itself does not reveal much about the upcoming Tesla Model Y, we got to see parts of the front hood and its aggressive lines.

The vehicle also came without any side mirrors. While Tesla has been trying to do away with side mirrors, most people believe that the Tesla Model Y will still come with the mirrors since it is still mandatory for vehicles to have them right now.

Based on Tesla’s announcement, the production for the Tesla Model Y should be starting in 2019 or maybe early 2020. That still a long way to go and based on how Tesla has handled their vehicles in the past, we are willing to bet that it might take a little longer than that.

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