Tesla Model S Taking Things Slow

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While it is nice to feel the car lurch forward when you step on the accelerator, there are times when we just want to have a relaxing and smooth drive and that is where the new Tesla mode comes in.

Tesla will release updates for their Tesla model from time to time and the latest update from Tesla will allow drivers to choose between two acceleration option. Drivers can choose to go with the standard mode or the new Chill mode.

As the name would suggest, the new Chill mode will tone things down for the Tesla vehicle by softening the throttle response so that the ride is smoother and calmer.

Tesla also added the new Easy Entry feature so that the steering wheels and the seat will adjust itself automatically when the driver exit for easier exit. It will adjust itself back into the correct position once the driver comes back in. What do you think of the new 2017.44 Tesla update?

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