Tesla Model S Shooting Brake Winner Revealed

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Niels van Roij will be the person behind the Tesla Model S Shooting Brake design. When they first started working on the project, they had 16 different design to choose from but they managed to narrow it down to this.

According to the designer, the shooting brake model will be getting a new rear, longer roof and more to make it look longer and slicker. Compared to the hearse looking rendering, this definitely looks a lot better.

The vehicle will be commissioned by Dutch shooting brake collector Floris de Raadt. At this point, there is not a whole lot of details about the vehicle yet but it is believed that RemetzCar will only be making 20 units of these shooting brake model.

The price of the vehicle is still a mystery now but the vehicle will be released in March next year. What do you think of the Tesla Model S Shooting Brake design?

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