Tesla Model S Sacrifice For Upcoming Model 3

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After the long wait, we will finally be seeing the new Tesla Model 3 on the roads and to ensure that the Model 3 has as little rivals as possible, Tesla might have decided to sacrifice one of their own.

According to Electrek, Tesla might be looking to kill off the Tesla Model S 75 before 2017 ends. It is pretty common for Tesla to eliminate the least powerful model as they introduce new and better models and with the Model 3 coming soon, it made sense that Tesla would want to widen the gap between the Model S and the the Model 3.

With the removal of the Tesla Model S 75, Tesla can focus on offering the Tesla Model 3 to audiences that are looking for something more affordable and offers the Tesla Model S as a more exclusive and more customizable model.

The Model 3 should be coming in with a $35,000 price tag while the Tesla Model S 75D will come in with a $74,500 price tag.

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