Tesla Model S Ready For Pursuit Beside BMW i8

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LAPD is going electric as the Tesla Model S is said to be ready for going into active duty in LA. The Model S will be alongside the BMW i8 as the force is also adding 100 vehicles to its fleet.

It seems that the police force like premium vehicles, while the addition of the electric vehicles is said to come with 15% lower costs for operating over the ones that are being pushed out.

A Tesla Model S has been readied for active duty and it is going to offer up faster acceleration, which of course is needed for chasing after the bad guys. At the moment the BMW i3 vehicles have been put to use for administrative purposes, including travelling to crime scenes.

The Tesla Model S is going to be kitted out with all the standard equipment, including custody cage, locked shotgun rack, radio and computer and it will then be tested out by a patrol sergeant. It is thought that the vehicle will be driven to emergencies along with taking part in pursuits.

Whether the Tesla Model S is able to offer range and performance so that the electric vehicles can replace the vehicles used today isn’t known, but it sure looks great in black and white.

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