Tesla Model S Owners Wishes Finally Answered

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Tesla is now preparing to release the Tesla Model 3 and while that is exciting news for the Tesla Model 3 owners, the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X owners were dreading it as they feel like, with the arrival of the Model 3, they would have to wait even longer to get their car fixed.

Some Tesla Model S and Model X owners previously reported that the limited amount of Tesla service centre meant that they would have to wait for weeks or months to get their car fixed and a lot of owners were not too happy about that. They were also worried that with the Model 3 arriving, things would only go from bad to worst.

Luckily, Tesla now has a new solution for them, according to Reuters, Tesla will be adding 100 more service centre on top of the 150 that they have now along with 350 service vans to help customers that are stranded on the road.

This should help speed things along for the existing Tesla customers as well as future new Tesla drivers.

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