Tesla Model S & Model X Even Cheaper To Own Now

Those living in North America will find that getting the Tesla Model S and Model X is a little cheaper now thanks to the price but from Tesla.

Currently, the starting price for the Model S is $74,990 which means it is $5000 cheaper now compared to last week. The Model X on the other hand now has a $79.990 price tag which is also $5000 less than before.

The Tesla Model 3 will also be getting a discount but not as much as the Model S and Model X. The website shows that the Model 3 will now start from $37,990 which is about $2000 less than before. The Long Range model on the other hand will be getting a $46,990 starting price while the Performance will be offered at $54,990.

According to Tesla, they are also looking to cut their prices in China as well but did not mention when that will be happening.