Tesla Model S Goes Weak From Ludicrous Mode Abuse

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The Tesla Model S with Ludicrous mode is superb when used correctly, however if you abuse it you could find that you lose power and the vehicle will go weak at the knees.

When Tesla launched a software update to 8.0 it came with plenty of new features and it also brought an update to Autopilot. However in Ludicrous mode some features have been limited.

The version 8.0 of the software was launched back in August but since then the teslamotorsclub has said that people may find a reduction in performance if they turn to the Ludicrous mode too often. The mode allows the owner to launch the Tesla Model S from standing still to 60mph in just 2.5 seconds, gaining 0.4 seconds over the typical 2.9 seconds. However it does cause power stresses on some of the drive train components if overused.

One owner of the Tesla Model S said that his vehicle used to draw 1600amps but now he only gets 1500amps from it and this means around 100 horses less. When he called the service centre at Tesla they said that there isn’t an internal count for when the Ludicrous mode is engaged but when you go over it the number power output is then automatically reduced and the driver doesn’t get notified.

Now that this news is out, many owners aren’t happy, despite the fact that the reduction in power is for the safeguarding of the Tesla Model S. One owner of the vehicle asked for Tesla to roll back the firmware to version 7, but this is something that isn’t going to happen as it could impact several areas of the vehicle and this could have an effect on safety.

Are you the owner of the Tesla Model S and have you seen a power reduction in your vehicle due to abusing the Ludicrous mode?

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