Tesla Model S Crashes Again, Autopilot Wasn’t There To Help

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A Tesla Model S rolled off the road and landing in the marsh yesterday. While most people were quick to claim that this was another proof that the Tesla Autopilot was not working like it should, the driver quickly steps up to admit that he was at fault here after blaming Tesla first that is.

After the accident, the driver, David Clark claims that the Tesla Autopilot was to blame for him landing in the marsh as the car accelerated out of the blue causing it to run off the road but since then, he has released another statement stating that the Autopilot feature was not even active, to begin with.

According to the driver, he deactivated the autopilot system when he steps on the accelerator and that he lost control of the vehicle when they reach a sharp left turn and that was how he ended up in the ditch. Well, it looks like Tesla is not to blame this time as well.

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