Tesla Model S Autopilot Means More Old People On The Road

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The older generation and new technology generally don’t mix well and this was true when a woman of 70 took a ride in the Tesla Model S and used the autopilot system in the vehicle.

A video on YouTube was going around showing the woman’s reaction to the new technology and it showed that she was more terrified by it than being thrilled. The video shows how the older generation are more likely to respond to giving up the controls of their car to the computer when driving along the highway.

The woman is heard saying that this was her first day out and she was going to die and told her son to put the Tesla Model S back into her control instead of the autopilot.

Many people found the video very funny, with a few saying that it was cruel to put the woman in that situation. Of course autopilot may be the way forward for many people as self-driving cars are going to play a big part in our future. But what do you think about it?