Tesla Model S 60 Has To Walk The Plank

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The Tesla Model S 60 along with the 60D have both been very slow in selling and this means that both will be walking the plank on their way out very soon. This will leave the way for the 75 and AWD 75D to take over as the entry level models.

Tesla sent a letter of notification to owners saying that as the majority of owners buy the equivalent to the Tesla Model S 75kWh they are talking away the 60kWh option from the line-up so as to make the ordering process for customers easier.

The report from Tesla states that the Tesla 60 and 60D will remain available for ordering up to April 16 2017, after that they are being shelved.

This isn’t going to be a huge change for Tesla as the biggest difference between the Tesla Model S 60 and the 75 is the badge it wears. All of the models are offered with the same battery as the 75 models but Tesla allowed owners of the cheaper versions to access just 80% of the capacity of the battery.

Anyone who wants more battery capacity is going to have to pay out $9,500 for an upgrade.

But what do you think about the Tesla Model S being made to walk the plank to its death?

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