Tesla Model S 100D Drops Performance For Extra 20 Miles Range

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Tesla hasn’t shouted it out from the rooftops but they have launched a new version of the Tesla Model S with a 100kWh battery that offers up a range of 335 miles. This is more than the high performance Tesla P100D, which offers up 315 miles range.

Model changes for Tesla vehicles have been increasing in pace as the 60kWh battery has now been taken over by the 100kWh battery, along with software updates to make it faster and the Autopilot has been given new hardware.

With the quiet introduction of the Tesla Model S and its 100kWh battery, Tesla looks to be maximizing the range. Additions include the D all-wheel drive system which comes with two motors; however, it does lack the rear motor that was seen in the P performance version.

The 2017 Tesla Model S 100D now offers an EPA of 335 miles, which is twenty more than what the Model S P100D offers, at 315 miles. This means that the Model S 100D offers the highest range on the market from an electric vehicle and it comes in closer to the rating of the zero emission vehicle with the longest range, which is the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, sold in California. This offers up 366 miles, 10% more than the new Tesla.

Also launched by Tesla was the Model X 100D and this has the longest range of that particular version, offering up 295 miles. The 100kWh battery pack is an upgrade for $3,000 over the price of the 90kWh pack and the price tag for the Model S 100D begins at $92,500.

Elon Musk said that by 2020 he predicts the range of the Model S is going to be 745 miles. He also said that during 2017 a 600 mile range could be achieved. Increases for vehicles that already exist are also in the pipeline, so the future is looking bright for Tesla and it starts with the increase offered by the Tesla Model S 100D.

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