Tesla Model 3: You Win Some You Lose Some

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We still do not have all the information about the Tesla Model 3 right now but the information is coming in and it was just revealed that the vehicle might some with some unique new features although it will also be missing some standard features.

According to the latest report, it looks like the Tesla Model 3 will not be coming with an FM radio and since users can’t stream music through their phone and other electronic devices, the only way they can listen to music is to stream it from a third party streaming service using the 4G internet connection that the vehicle has. This did not sit well with the fans but luckily, it was added that the FM radio update will be coming OTA soon.

What users will be getting now is the new controls from the touchscreen. Features like the windshield wiper and climate controls can be controlled using the huge touchscreen.

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  1. kent beuchert

    September 28, 2017 at 7:52 am

    I laugh at the Tesla cultists who rave about the touchscreen dash controls,
    while other severelt criticize it as being totally out of place, and a potential hazard as deadly as texting while driving. The obvious reason Tesla plunked a PC screen in the middle of the dash is because its the cheapest way to provide controls. But it also estabishes what any engineer worth his salt would avoid: a single point of failure. If that screen fails (What! An electronic gizmo failing ??!! ) then I don’t know what te driver is able to do, but I know he won’t have ay info to guide him. As I recall, Model S screens that failed required a tow ! Tesla seems to be acquiring a bad reputation for lots of reasons.