Tesla Model 3 Won’t Shut Up

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Since electric cars like the Tesla Model 3 runs on battery and electric motors, these cars are in general pretty quiet especially when it is running at a low speed which could be dangerous for the other road users out there since they won’t know if the vehicle is heading their way.

In 2010, the Congress has demanded that these cars should emit some sound when they are traveling at a certain speed so that people can hear it when it is approaching.

After all the delays, we finally got a date for the new ruling. According to the latest announcement, the regulation for electric cars will be extended to 2020. Of course, we do not know if it is going to be pushed back once more but for now, that is the date we are looking at.

With the new ruling, electric powered vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 will have to emit sound sort of sounds as long as it is traveling below 18.6 miles. They are still considering if they should allow automakers to offer their customers a few sound option or have the same sound for all-electric cars.

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  1. kent beuchert

    February 28, 2018 at 11:05 am

    I’ve got news for these govt morons – there are plenty of gas powered ars out there that youcannot hear coming. Heaven forbid that politicians would actually do some basic research todetermine whether such silent cars have been “pedestrain killers” and we need to add more sounds to a noise polluted environment.