Tesla Model 3 Won’t Hit Promised Production Target?

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Ever since the release of the new Tesla Model 3, Tesla has been doing all they can to increase the production rate of the vehicle but they have been struggling to deliver what they have promised so far.

The latest announcement revealed that Tesla plans to reach the 5000 per week mark for the Tesla Model 3 by this Saturday but according to the workers at the assembly plant, the plant will not be able to hit the 5000 mark by this week.

According to the workers, the assembly plant which is now running two 12 hours shifts every day this week only manages to produce about 4200 units of the Tesla Model 3 which means they are still slightly behind.

It is said that the Paint shop can’t keep up with the load right now as they are already working on the Model S and Model X. The addition of the Model 3 is becoming too much for the paint department to handle right now. How long do you think Tesla would need to catch up at this point?

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