Tesla Model 3 Won’t Be Silent For Long

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Congress was demanded that quiet cars like the electric and hybrid cars should emit some sound when they are moving at a certain speed and it looks like we might finally have a date for it.

One of the reasons why this demand was made was because these vehicles can’t be heard especially at lower speed and this could be dangerous for the pedestrians, blinds or other road users as they won’t be able to hear the vehicle approaching.

The regulation was supposed to be finalized by 2014 but it was pushed back and now, the deadline has been extended to 2020. It was also decided that vehicles will need to emit sounds up until 18.6 miles.

That means that future electric vehicle like those coming from Tesla and Nissan won’t be able to remain quiet anymore. Regulators are still considering the request from automakers to allow them to include a few sound options for the owners to pick from.

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  1. kent beuchert

    February 28, 2018 at 10:08 am

    Any pedestrian who depends upon hearing a car rather then looking,deserves to be hit. And there are plenty of cars (especally Japanese brands) that you cannot hear today. I don’t suppose the politicians are smart enough to do some basic research to see whether we need to pollute the environment with more noise. These politicans are just plain stupid – they assume something and pass a law. I’m still waiting to see any data that justifies anti-skid braking.